A Comprehensive Guide to Write a Good Article Effectively

A Comprehensive Guide to Write a Good Article Effectively
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Writing a good article is one of the most challenging tasks for many bloggers, content writers, freelance writers, and others. But first, what is a good article? How can you differentiate it from a bad article? 

A typical good article will never have grammar or spelling errors. Most importantly, it will never exceed the word count. A good article can be written in a short amount of time, but you must have certain writing skills. 

Additionally, if you avoid writing more words in your article, you can leverage CheckWordCounter to count the total number of words effectively. Are you looking for ways to write a high-quality article to attract more readers? Start reading this comprehensive guide to craft an effective article. 

What Is an Article?

An article is a type of writing for a broad range of audiences. The main reason behind writing a good article is it should be published on websites or magazines. When your article is published in these sources, you can become well-known by many readers. Moreover, you can write an article in any niche. Your topic can be serious or entertaining; ensure your tone is good enough. 

What is the Standard Format of Article Writing?

There is a standard format to craft a good-quality article. Only a well-organized article will draw more attention from your readers. Here is the basic format of how to write an article. 

  1. Give a Catchy Heading or Title
  2. Simple Introduction Part
  3. Body of the Article
  4. Conclusion Part
  5. Author Bio
  1. Give a Catchy Heading or Title

The heading is the welcome door for your article. When people scroll through the big paragraphs of your article, they will need help understanding the whole content. As a bonus point, you can include numbers in your headings. 

When you include numbers in your title, people will start reading your article sooner. Additionally, you can also have your keywords in your title. This tactic is very helpful for SEO purposes. 

  1. Simple Introduction Part

The introduction to your article is the very first paragraph. Only the introduction will let your readers know the necessity of your article and hook your readers in. So, when people read your article, you have to make your first impression as their best impression. 

Keep in mind that you should not exceed 150 words. To maintain this, you can use the free word counter online tool to count the number of words in your introduction part. Furthermore, write your article’s introduction in a conversational tone that captivates more of the audience’s attention. 

  1. Body of the Article

The body part of the article plays a crucial role. After reading a powerful introduction, your body paragraphs must provide a path from the introduction. You can start writing the body part by unveiling the introduction part. Make sure you write in a simple tone and word choices. People don’t like to read more complex words. 

You can also include bulletins between your paragraphs to make them appealing to your readers. Along with that, you can incorporate statistical reports in your article. Don’t forget to hyperlink those embedded links to highlight your content. 

  1. Conclusion Part

Every writer thinks writing conclusion paragraphs is the most difficult part of writing an article. But the truth is that the conclusion is the easiest segment. A conclusion should summarize what you said in the entire article. In other words, your conclusion must clarify the importance of your article. 

Usually, writing lengthy conclusions is not appreciated. Instead, writing a conclusion only for 80 words is well and good. Cleverly, use the free word count checker to count the words in your conclusion. Also, ending your article with a positive note would be better. 

  1. Author Bio 

Lastly, the author’s bio takes an unbeatable part of the article. Generally, articles don’t have more details about the author’s bio; only blog posts are allowed. Whether you are publishing on your own site or following the traditional method, including an author bio will help you increase the awareness of your writings. 

A strong author bio has the power to establish credibility and authority. You can include where you are from, your profession, and your hobbies. You can write the author bio for only 100 words. So, create an eye-catching impression by writing a remarkable author bio. 

End of the Line

Coming to the final segment of this article. Hope now you know how to write a perfect article. These formats and guidelines will be helpful for you in your further writing. Take note of them and recheck them occasionally. Most importantly, don’t forget to proofread your article after completing it. That’s it. Thanks for reading this article entirely. If you have any other tips, feel free to share them in the comments section. Good luck!