6 things to do in Havana that you will love

6 things to do in Havana that you will love
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Let us now offer you with the top things to do in Havana in our Havana travel guide! When you visit vibrant Havana, you will have an unforgettable time. Especially given the impressive culture. With this vibe, there’s no place like Cuba! There are many ways to still enjoy Cuba with historical elements. Even for a country experiencing significant lifestyle shifts. Travel to Havana for an unforgettable experience! Vámonos!

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things to do in Havana:

  1. Old Havana 

The area of the city where everything happens for tourists. Walking around Cuba’s colorful tiny alleyways allows you to feel and see the country alive. Particularly near Parque Central, where you may watch old-timers and unusual architecture. And Cubans going about their daily lives. You could spend all day here listening to music and watching folks dance salsa. Visit some great boutiques or have cultural experiences, such as rum tasting.


  1. Monumental building 

Havana boasts many significant buildings as a result of the country’s long history. This unique structure deserves a presence on this list. We already know what you were thinking: isn’t this building in Washington (USA)? While they appear to be a reproduction, they are not an exact imitation. There are many renovations underway, but it is still open to tourists.


  1. Malécon boulevard

Walking the 7-kilometer-long street Malécon, thinking of Havana and seeing less touristy areas. The Hotel Nacional is a well-known landmark near the conclusion of the walk. Having a long history of welcoming renowned individuals as well as gangster/mafia history. With this walk, you will discover a different Havana, one that is less touristy. Especially when returning through the “inside streets”. Another advice is to take this stroll around sunset to get some spectacular sights. Is it too hot to stroll, or do you not feel like it? Get inside a classic car and enjoy the views from a comfortable seat.


  1. Catedral de San 

To begin with, religion has played a significant role in Cuban history. Afro-Cubans imported religions such as Santería, which evolved from Catholicism. Fidel Castro declared Cuba an atheist state for decades. He thus banned Christmas for 30 years, becoming known as “The Silent Christmases” (Las Navidades Silenciadas). This cathedral is the largest in Cuba and a popular tourist attraction. Aside from that, it is to the well-known explorer Christoffel Columbus, who died here. If you want to visit this lovely baroque church with European elements, you may.


  1. Paseo del Prado

The vibe on this road is authentic! Walking from Old Havana’s main square to the sea is a wonderful activity! During your walk amid trees and old-timer cars passing by. You will see some lovely buildings, music, people dancing salsa. Also, street sellers sell fruits and trinkets, and a cool breeze. But be aware that the people are observing you from their gorgeous balconies.


  1. Museum of the Revolution

Understanding Cuba’s history is essential for having a complete experience. Most of what you will see is on incredible accounts from many years ago. Cuban history is a unique book with many chapters. From the Cuban Revolution to the personal lives of world-renowned Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. Nonetheless, you can see equipment from the invasions. Such as the yacht that transported Fidel Castro to Cuba to kick off the revolution, and planes. And bullet holes in the gorgeous edifice from the failed murder attempt on Batista. Museo de la Revolución is worth a visit!


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