5 Must-Haves for Your Soap Boxes Design!

5 Must-Haves for Your Soap Boxes Design!
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Packaging is the most important feature in a product’s marketing. It can make or break your marketing strategy. When it comes to soap, the market is immensely crowded. The most competition in the cosmetic market would be for soap because it is the most commonly used product. Therefore, the soap box design has to be on point. It should display the necessary info with a beautiful design. Let’s talk about the most important and uncompromisable features that your packaging needs to display:

Company Logo and Bar Name 

A beautifully designed soap packaging infused with the company’s logo is the must-have for your product. If the soap has a nice and descriptive name that would be a cherry on top. These two need to be top and centered at the front of the package. The soap bar name needs to communicate the specific use of the bar to the customer.

For example, if the purpose is exfoliating or deep cleaning then it should be reflective of that. The right name placement will create a bar-to-company association, which means that the customers will remember that your company carries this product. It will also help you advertise more products under your brand’s name.    


Make sure that you enlist all the product ingredients at the back of the soap boxes packaging. Enlisting all the ingredients creates credibility and a sense of trust in the customer’s mind for the company. Younger generations are becoming more self-aware and they appreciate transparency from the companies as well.

Because people want to know what they are putting on their bodies. Therefore, enlisting the ingredients is a great marketing strategy for your brand. It will also help you boost sales. If you don’t have space at the back of the packaging then enlisting the ingredients at the long side panel is also a good idea. 

Contact Information 

Contact information including email, website, phone number, and address is also important. This is especially important if you are a new business or brand. Because adding contact information for the company increases the authenticity and credibility of the company. Most people will pick up the product and look at the given information before purchasing the product. Therefore, make sure to include all the information in the packaging.

Soap Bar and Company’s Description

Adding the soap bar name is not enough for the packaging. You also need to add important product details right in the middle of the packaging. If the product is anti-aging then write it in bold and make sure that it is noticeable and the first thing that catches the eye of a customer.

Similarly, if the soap is anti-acne then it should also be the most prominent thing in the packaging. The purpose is to attract the targeted customer even from a distance. If your packaging clearly shows that the product is anti-acne and also has an important ingredient written in bold then it effectively attracts the targeted audience.

It is a direct sales booster for your product. Also including a company’s motto or the core value in the form of a phrase is a good idea. This is how you effectively communicate with your customers and create a good impression of your company through your custom soap boxes design. Therefore, keep these points in mind when you are designing your packaging.  

Product Weight and Size 

It is also an uncompromisable feature that your product should carry. It is again for the customer’s knowledge so they may know what quantity of the product they are getting. Because customers often like to compare the product price with its quantity to check how much they are getting at that price. Therefore, the more a company is transparent about its product, the greater trust will be built in its customers. 

Bonus Point

If you are an eco-conscious or a zero-waste brand then you also need to include that in your packaging. In this way, your targeted group would automatically know your values as a brand. Sustainability is the new trend that more people are getting into. So, people appreciate it if the packaging displays that as well.

Final Thoughts

Soap boxes design needs to include the brand’s logo, soap bar name, ingredient list, product weight, product description, and contact info to increase the brand’s credibility, customer engagement, and loyalty. These features will help your brand gain stability and security in the long run. The cost-effective way to get your perfect soap packaging is by getting soap boxes wholesale bundle.

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