10 Ways to Pair Men’s Strap Sandals with Different Outfits

10 Ways to Pair Men’s Strap Sandals with Different Outfits
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When it comes to versatile footwear for men, strap sandals effortlessly blend comfort with style. Their adaptability knows no bounds, making them a perfect choice for various occasions and outfits. Exploring the art of pairing men’s strap sandals with different outfits opens up a world of possibilities. Wearing sandals isn’t just for the beach anymore. 

Strap sandals men have become a trendy addition to many outfits, giving a comfortable and stylish vibe. But figuring out how to pair them with different clothes might seem challenging. From casual outings to semi-formal gatherings, here are ten ways to simply add these sandals to your wardrobe, ensuring both comfort and style in every step.

  • Casual Style

On relaxed days, wearing sandals with shorts is a comfy choice. You can choose between cargo shorts that have plenty of pockets or regular jeans to pair with a simple plain t-shirt or a cozy button-up shirt. This simple style is perfect for chilling with friends, enjoying a leisurely walk, or just taking it easy. To look more chill and relaxed, remember to wear sunglasses and a baseball cap. This will add style to your casual outfit.

  • Fancy Casual

Dressing a bit fancier in a casual way involves picking tidy chinos or well-fitted trousers that are comfy yet stylish. These look good with a nice polo shirt or a light sweater, giving a smart-casual vibe. When you add those strap sandals, it gives a relaxed charm that’s perfect for days when you want a little more style, such as a relaxed office day, a casual hangout, or a relaxing dinner with friends. The combination offers a polished yet easygoing look for various occasions.

  • Summer Vibes

On really hot days, keeping comfortable is key. Dress incredibly by wearing sandals and a loose linen shirt with either short sleeves or sleeves rolled up. Combine this with light trousers or linen pants for a relaxed summer look. This outfit not only screams summer vibes but also helps you beat the heat and stay comfortable all day long. It’s the perfect choice for hot summer days when you want to look and feel cool.

  • Sporty Comfort

Get a sporty style by matching your strap sandals men with sporty clothes for a cool, laid-back look. Choose joggers or athletic shorts paired with a comfy t-shirt or tank top—they make a perfect combo. This outfit not only works wonders for running tasks or gym sessions but also keeps you feeling fashionable and at ease throughout your day. Whether you’re out and about or breaking a sweat, this sporty ensemble has you covered in both comfort and style.

  • City Adventures

For city adventures, being comfy is key. Pair your strap sandals with slim jeans or tapered trousers for a relaxed vibe. Combine them with a casual button-down shirt, and when the night gets cooler, layer up with a light jacket or hoodie. This versatile ensemble not only keeps you stylish but also ensures you’re ready to explore the city in total comfort, adapting effortlessly to changing weather or activities.

  • A Bit Fancy

It might surprise you, but strap sandals can bring some style to a slightly fancier look. Choose a good pair and team them up with tailored trousers or dark jeans for a sleek look. To step it up, throw on a sharp blazer or a stylish sports coat over a dress shirt. 

This classy yet relaxed ensemble not only fits well for dinners or casual evening events but also adds a touch of sophistication to your style for those special occasions. Its versatile charm ensures you look sharp without feeling too formal.

  • Colours That Match

Colours like black, brown, or tan sandals match well with many outfits, making them easy to pair. But if you’re feeling adventurous, explore other colours that complement each other nicely. It’s about finding combinations that look cool together without clashing. 

For instance, navy sandals might go well with lighter shades like beige or white, creating a fresh look without being too out there. Experimenting with colours can add a fun touch to your style while keeping things balanced.

  • Adding Extras

Accessories, like a nice watch, stylish bracelets, or trendy sunglasses, can really amp up your sandal look. However, it’s essential not to overdo it—keeping it simple often works best. For example, one or two well-chosen accessories can bring a lot of style without overwhelming your outfit. It’s about finding that balance where your accessories add a touch of flair without stealing the show from your sandals and outfit.

  • Business Casual Elegance

When you need to look both lovely and comfy, wearing strap sandals men with a business casual outfit can be an excellent idea. Try wearing well-fitted pants like khakis or tailored trousers with a neat button-up shirt or a cosy knit sweater tucked in. 

To make it fancier, you can add a nicely fitting blazer that matches the outfit but isn’t too fancy. Pick sandals in darker colours like charcoal or deep brown to keep them professional but still comfy all day long.

  • Beachy Formal

Dressing up for a beach event doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. Wear strap sandals with a light, well-fitted linen suit or fancy beach pants and a linen shirt. This mix keeps a nice balance between looking formal and feeling relaxed. 

Choose sandals in primary colours that match the outfit. Use just a few accessories, like a simple watch or a woven belt, to keep the beachy feel while still looking classy. This outfit makes sure you’re dressed up right for the event but still fits in with the chill beach vibe.



Whether it’s a relaxed hangout or an occasion, strap sandals men fit right in. With these ten style tips, you’ve got the key to wearing these sandals with any outfit. Remember, feeling good in what you wear is what matters most. Now that you’ve got the know-how, wear those strap sandals confidently. Enjoy your style journey and make each step a fashion win! Feel really comfy and stylish by picking the perfect sandals. They’ll make you look great and feel good at any event you go to.